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Now the cost of rumor is too low, and the convenience of information also makes some information itself "difficult to distinguish between true and false". "Rumors" account for an increasing proportion of all the information people receive at present. For professional information, in view of the fact that "every line is like a mountain", some attributes of some majors will always be misunderstood by the public. During the peak heating season and the invasion of fog and haze, there are rumors about ground heating again! Explain? It's useless

1. How true is the rumor that formaldehyde volatilizes from floor heating? It's true that we have refuted rumors to the whole country on CCTV a few years ago. Now some people still use it to crack down on the floor heating industry. Can floor heating really volatilize formaldehyde? The floor heating system is composed of heat source, floor heating pipe, water collector and a number of auxiliary materials. It is mistakenly believed that the volatile formaldehyde lies in the end part of the floor heating. However, the floor heating pipe is covered with auxiliary materials and cement peas layer by layer. Even if there are volatiles, how can it contact the air and human body

CCTV has long refuted the rumor that "the excessive formaldehyde content in geothermal environment is due to the use of poor quality flooring". Therefore, the floor heating cannot volatilize formaldehyde, but the formaldehyde in your floor can't stand the warm environment and runs out by itself. Warm cube solemnly reminds: choosing furniture, health is the first choice

2. Floor heating will increase the load-bearing of the house

even if you are a heating person, it's the same reason. The floor heating system takes the ground as the heat dissipation surface, and the pavement is also on the ground. Insulation board, floor heating pipe, bean stone, sand and so on, and then put all kinds of furniture on it. It's so heavy! What if the floor can't stand it? What about a "through train" with the downstairs neighbors

dear, have you heard of "groundless worries"? China's floor heating market has developed for more than ten years, and there are relevant cases all over the country. Have there been news or rumors that "floor heating has collapsed the building"? Moreover, now the floor heating industry is gradually moving towards modularization, light and convenient, how can it make the house heavy

3. There are many germs in the heating system

the so-called system with many germs generally refers to the water heating (floor heating, radiator) system. Professionals suggest that the water heating system should be cleaned every two years, so people who use the water heating system at home can see several pots of black and dirty water "gushing out" from the heating system every two years. I'm scared to death. How many bacteria can make such black water

well, it's bacteria, but people won't affect you. First of all, the heating system is completely closed, and bacteria can't escape; Secondly, the ambient water temperature of the heating system is high, and the general bacteria cannot survive. Moreover, only bacteria without vitality will rot and blacken. Do you see that the normal temperature water you drink has blackened

4. How to explain the rumor of "gas consumption" in the heating system? If it is "consumption" of natural gas, there is no need to explain. If you want to heat, you must turn on the heat source. If you turn on the heat source, you will consume natural gas. Don't use it unless it's off

if it is a "waste" of natural gas, it still needs to be explained. First of all, are the components of the heating system that waste natural gas produced by regular floor heating manufacturers? Secondly, whether the heating system has been strictly designed and installed according to standards? Thirdly, is your building insulated? Finally, are your usage habits good? If you answer "no" to any of these questions, it may be the reason for "waste". Please avoid it in time

are there any of the above four rumors in the HVAC industry that you almost believe? I hope reading this article can help a little, "warm feet and cool the top" floor heating, there is no reason not to install




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