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Windows are the necessities of a house, because windows are needed for indoor ventilation, looking outside and indoor light. Casement windows and sliding windows are common in the market, so which is safe? What are the advantages and disadvantages of casement windows

windows are a necessity of a house, because windows are needed for indoor ventilation, looking outside and indoor light. It is not safe to leave a big hole in the wall without installing windows. Casement windows and sliding windows are very common in the market, so which is safe? What are the advantages and disadvantages of casement windows? Next, let's have a look at kangluo doors and windows

I. types and advantages of sliding windows

sliding windows are divided into left and right, up and down. Sliding windows have the advantages of not occupying indoor space, beautiful appearance, economical price and good sealing. It adopts high-grade slide rail, which can be opened flexibly with a slight push. With large pieces of glass, it can not only increase the indoor lighting, but also improve the overall shape of the building. The stress state of the window sash is good and not easy to be damaged. The sliding window adopts the track sliding of the window sash equipped with pulley on the window frame. The advantage of this kind of window is that the window does not occupy additional space no matter in the on-off state, and the structure is relatively simple

II. Advantages of casement windows

1. The overall structure of casement windows is relatively simple. The whole window can be fully opened and has good air tightness when closed. However, there is a gap when there is a pulley in the sliding window. Even if the sealing strip is installed, the sealing strip will be thin after wearing for a long time, so the casement window has an advantage in this point

2. The casement window has good ventilation and excellent sound insulation, heat preservation and impermeability

3. Casement windows are also divided into internal opening and external opening. The internal opening casement window is characterized by convenient window cleaning, and the external opening casement window is characterized by opening without occupying space

4. The linkage hardware and handles arranged around the window sash can be operated indoors. When it is closed, the periphery of the window sash is fixed on the window frame, which has good safety and anti-theft performance

III. disadvantages of casement windows

1. Meetings with casement windows facing inward will occupy a certain space. If small houses pay special attention to this, they should not use inward opening

2. The overall window width of the casement window is small and the field of vision is not wide

3. It is easy to be damaged when the wind blows when the window is opened horizontally. Ten thousand strong winds, the windows are not fixed, the glass is damaged or the window sash falls directly, which is prone to accidents. Moreover, if you open the window outside, it is always raining and blowing outside, which is easy to rust and damage

4. It is inconvenient to use screens and curtains when opening windows. Because the curtain and window sash will conflict. For example, if you want to open windows for ventilation in summer evening, and the curtains are not tightened, it will be embarrassing

5. The safety of the inner window of the casement window is not good. Children may hit their heads when playing. We may also hit them when we clean ourselves and bend down to get up

the casement window is divided into push-pull type and top hung type. Its advantages are large opening area, good ventilation, good sealing, excellent sound insulation, heat preservation and impermeability. The inner opening is convenient for cleaning windows; The open type does not occupy space when it is opened

which is safe for sliding windows? From the perspective of use safety, push-pull mode is safer. If the casement window is opened to the house, it is easy to hurt yourself

IV. differences between casement windows and sliding windows:

casement windows mainly rely on rubber strips and hinges to connect. The hinge and handle lock room act as a connection point, which is generally divided into inner casement windows, outer casement windows, flat upper hung windows and flat lower hung windows, and also divided into single leaf and double leaf methods. The whole form of opening is to stretch out your arms and naturally retract them

there is a pulley under the sliding window, which opens to the left and right along the track, so when it is opened, the arm moves left and right. The sliding window does not occupy space, and the window opening area can be controlled at will. It is difficult to wipe the outward side of the glass during cleaning. Although the sealing performance of sliding window is not as good as that of casement window, it is safer and more convenient than casement window as a whole

through the above introduction of the differences between sliding windows and casement windows, we can draw the following conclusions:

1. The differences between sliding windows and casement windows. Their products have their own advantages, depending on personal use. The lighting area of sliding windows is not as good as casement windows, but casement windows are only suitable for installation on the side of low buildings, while sliding windows can be both

2. Generally, sliding windows are suitable for high-rise buildings, because the opening method is sliding, and the windows will not be outside like casement windows. In order to avoid falling objects from high altitude, sliding windows are most suitable for high-rise buildings

3. Sliding windows can also be used in lower floors. If the passageway outside the windows is narrow, it is recommended to use sliding windows

4. If the windows of the building are spacious outside, it is better to use casement windows, because casement windows not only have good lighting and ventilation, but also are convenient to open

the above is conros' understanding of casement windows and sliding windows, which is for your reference only. I hope it can help you

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