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Information: with the continuous improvement of living standards and the continuous development of society, people are increasingly pursuing design. However, some people believe that high-end decoration is the synthesis of expensive materials, and the result is to decorate the house into a star hotel or bar. Jinan Decoration Company -- jiuchuang decoration summed up that the decoration should adhere to the four concepts of practicality, comfort, ecology and culture. Practical concept. Housing is not a work of art, not a museum. First of all, it is the residence on which people live. Therefore, it should be practical and must not put the cart before the horse. Whether it is the living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, we should start from practicality and carry out reasonable design to make people feel suitable and convenient in life. People have to live and move in their houses every day. If they give up "applicability" for "beauty" and ignore "convenience" for luxury, isn't it too unfair to themselves

comfortable concept. Residence is a warm spiritual harbor for people. Making people live comfortably should be one of the important purposes of decoration. We should pay attention to the design of leisure space, and make people feel at home as soon as they enter their own house, rather than mistakenly thinking that they are entering bars or other public places. Someone decorated the house like a magnificent president's office. A friend joked: it's not enough to work in the company, but it's too tired to continue working at home? "Feeling at home" seems to be a common and general requirement, but it is also the most basic and important requirement. If such a minimum requirement cannot be achieved, what is the significance of luxury decoration

ecological concept. Everyone knows that health is more important than beauty, but many people just forget this when decorating. For example, the fashionable ceiling in previous years looks exquisite, but it greatly reduces the net height of the room, which is not conducive to ventilation and lighting, and is not conducive to people's health. Now this practice has been abandoned by most people. Decoration should use non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free materials that meet the "green standard". Don't let the invisible "killer" break into your home without knowing it. Returning to nature is the pursuit of mankind and the call of the times. Plants, bonsai, strange stones and other ornaments can be used to decorate the house, "bring nature into the home", so that people feel at home in the embrace of nature

the concept of culture. Residential decoration is the embodiment of cultural taste. It conveys the owner's unique cultural information in silence, and the most taboo is to follow the crowd. Whether the indoor space layout, furniture display and color design combination are Chinese style or western style; Whether you like simplicity or complexity, you should reflect your own personality, cultural connotation and aesthetic taste. Decoration should pay attention to the improvement of cultural taste on the basis of practicality, because a good living environment has an edifying effect on people that cannot be ignored. "People create the environment, and the environment also affects people". In order to create a good living environment, the cultural concept of decoration cannot be ignored

residence is the place where people's body rests, and it is also the carrier of people's spiritual sustenance. The decoration of residence should be practical, on this basis, it can reflect higher cultural taste





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