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Home plays an important role in Chinese traditional culture. During the Spring Festival, no matter how difficult it is to buy tickets or how far the journey is, people always look forward to returning home for reunion. House is the carrier of home. I work hard every day just to have a spacious house to fill my family with happiness. After years of hard work, tangxiaoguo and her lover finally have their own house. She wrote down everything in her diary. Let's follow her diary, experience and learn

house information: 76 ㎡

decoration style: Mediterranean

decoration method: half package

community: Shanghai Shanlin crescent

decoration progress: main body demolition and renovation

decoration duration: 10 days

the construction started on December 3, 2013. Good luck

well, we didn't check the Yellow calendar in advance, and didn't check the weather forecast. Based on the principle of starting as soon as possible, let's sum up and decide today, When such a stormy day came downstairs, Zhu team had been waiting, and looked very sincere team

when you enter the house, you must put drops of firecrackers in order to achieve good luck. But the room was full of floors, so we had to move to the balcony. Zhu banged the hammer symbolically, and the commencement ceremony was completed. The next step is to go to the property to go through the formalities routinely and offer the garbage removal fee

remove on December 4, 2013! Dismantle! Dismantle

on the second day of dismantling, I saw the protective sleeve on the door from a distance. I don't know if it's an illusion. I always feel that the hall is brighter after being demolished

when the wall is pulled upside down and will not fall down

December 4, 2013, different services

first went to the scheduled ou ruiyubang, and there were no customers in the store. The salesperson would rather gather and chat than come to greet … It's not easy to call one, but it's also indifferent. After two introductions, it disappears. Just rush at this attitude. How can you not worry about after-sales? In addition, the group has been discussing the color seepage on the table for the past two days, so I think it's over. Then I wandered all the way on Yishan Road. I passed a small shop. The shop was very quiet, and it was estimated that the location was not very good, so there was no one. The boss was nice, the details were very clear, and the first impression was OK. After paying the deposit, I continued to roast about the super long counter designed by someone, which was 1.5 times the original plan? My purse is dripping blood

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