Ren Jialun appears day by day to explore new ideas

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At 10 p.m. this Sunday, all-around idol Ren Jialun appeared in "every day up" “ Decoration season ” The end, and “ Eager to learn sponge ball ” Han Xue, another member of, led the audience through time and space to the building “ Great Xia ” We seek new scientific and technological knowledge and explore the right “ Future decoration ” Ren Jialun's innovative concept, which once caused the audience to laugh

Ren Jialun is making progress every day

in the program, Ren Jialun wears a white shirt and a black tie, superimposed on a dark green striped shirt, handsome and fresh. In the opening “ Summon the great Xia ” In the segment, Ren Jialun and the host Wang Yibo made an on-the-spot combination, bringing a provocative duet. The two tacit performances also showed their excellent dance skills. Then in the gift exchange session, Ren Jialun said witticism “ Selling ” The intelligent device prepared by myself once again pushed the atmosphere to a climax. In addition, Ren Jialun talked about his feelings for “ Future decoration ” His imagination and attention to environmental protection also reflect his life philosophy of advocating environmental protection

Ren Jialun, Wang Yibo, Ren Jialun, Wang Yibo, duet

for more wonderful performances, please lock in the "every day up" broadcast by Hunan Satellite TV at 10 p.m. this Sunday, and follow Ren Jialun, a practitioner of environmental protection “ Future decoration ” On site





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